Location & Hours of Operation

737 W. Randolph
(corner of Halsted & Randolph)
Chicago, IL 60661

Sun-Fri 11am-2am
Sat 11am-3am

5th Beerthday tappings! January 12, starting at 5pm

Beers for our Beerthday on 1/12 with tapping order:

Indignant flight 5pm. Pouring in both bars!
Try 5 different vintages of our bourbon barrel aged imperial stout! $15-available in flights only, while supplies last!
1-Acrimonious-Indignant before it hits the Bourbon Barrel! Big, dark, full bodied and rich Imperial Stout. 8.5%
2-Indignant aged 2.5 months in Woodford Reserve 'double oak' barrels 10%
3-Indignant aged 6.5 months in Woodford Reserve barrels 11%
4-Indignant aged 17.5 months in Woodford Reserve barrels 11%
5-Indignant aged 22 months in Belle Meade bourbon barrels 11%

Clare's Thirsty Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged Raspberry Imperial Stout 11% - tapping at 5:30 - available in 5 ounce and 10 ounce snifters at both bars. $3 and $6. Will be available in half growlers for a special beerthday price of $10
'Possibly our most popular brew of the year, this huge Imperial stout is aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels for 6-24 months on Raspberries. This version is a blend of multiple barrels! Yum!'

Batch #500 'Big Bird' Imperial American Belgo Rye IPA 9% 2.25/6.75 served in 5 and 10 ounce snifters and half growlers only- $13.50-tapping at 6pm.
'A bigger, angrier, hoppier version of our 2011 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal award winning Angry Birds American Belgo IPA and also our 500th brew here at the pub! This huge, spicy and hoppy Belgian Strong Golden ale was brewed with 30% Rye and hopped and dry-hopped with over 5#s per barrel of Amarillo!'

The Defender American Stout 6.5% tapping at 6:30
This hoppy and roasty American Stout won Gold in 2014 at BOTH the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup! Brewed with Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Dark Crystal Malt and Oats then hopped with Cascade and Centennial and Dryhopped with Cascade and Chinook. This version is the original recipe from 2006 when Chicago's own Ray Daniels, founder of the Cicerone program, awarded it a GABF bronze medal and dinged it for 'being too hoppy'. It has since won 4 GABF and Three WBC medals! Thanks Ray!

Slice, Slice Baby Tangerine Blonde ale 5% available in all sizes of normal belgian glassware and all growlers tapping at 7pm.
'The brainchild of our own Mike Gemma, this Belgian Blonde ale is brewed with honey and wheat malts then over 100 lbs of tangerines were added to kettle boil and fermentation! Many of Mike's Mandarins were sliced on a Mandolin.'

'yet to be named' Orange Rye Stout 6% available in all shapes and sizes of our normal American ale glasses and growlers tapping at 7:30pm
'The brainchild of our own Janna Mestan, this dry stout was brewed with 15% Rye and debittered black malts, sweet orange peel and lightly hopped with Amarillo then 50 lbs of oranges were zested and juiced and added to the fermenter.'

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Featured Beer

Commonwealth Brown Ale 7.5%


Our AGM Jonathan Cornier collaborated with our brewers to create this new brew, a Brown Ale, celebrating his roots and family in Puerto Rico. Honey malt and turbinado sugar provide a sweet balance to the aggressive cascade and simcoe hop additions. We are donating $1 from each pint sold to aid the "Pallets in Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria Relief" project, sponsored by the Puerto Rican Agenda group.

Location & Hours of Operation

737 W. Randolph
(corner of Halsted & Randolph)
Chicago, IL 60661

Sun-Fri 11am-2am
Sat 11am-3am

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